Meal Preparation

Help with Meal Preparation

Meal preparation is one of the important features offered by home care services. Good nutrition is important for everyone, but becomes increasingly more important for seniors. It helps them maintain a healthy and thriving lifestyle. Many seniors have diet restrictions due to medical conditions or medication. They may have low sodium, low sugar or diabetic nutrition needs. Caregivers can help seniors and their families make sure they are getting all of their nutritional needs. Kitchens can be a room full of dangers for a senior, especially if that senior lives alone. Kitchens can have high cabinets, heavy objects and appliances that get hot when in use. Meal preparation can allow seniors to not only have meals planned out but also be self sufficient when no one else is around.

Meal preparation extends beyond just planning a meal. There is so much that goes into it including shopping, staying on a schedule, actually eating the food, and cleaning up afterwards. Cleaning up may be a part that seniors overlook, or perhaps may not do as thorough of a job as needed depending on the food that was prepared. It is important that clean up is done properly so there is no bacteria spread or potential for illness due to improperly handled and prepared food.

Home care services help in many ways when it comes to meal preparation and groceries shopping help. They help plan meals which can be completely overwhelming for anyone. They will work with the seniors to plan meals for an entire week. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. They can make sure that if the senior will be alone the food is already cooked, or in a state where the senior can handle what needs to be done. They will learn what food is already in the house and create a shopping list. They will make sure the items on the list are healthy but also familiar, all while staying in whatever restrictions the senior has. They provide groceries shopping help by going with the seniors to the store to help shop. If the senior is unable to go to the store, the home care service can handle the shopping and put everything away in the kitchen so it is exactly where it needs to be.

For those that are not able to cook their own meals, home care services can either cook meals or provide a little assistance so seniors can still feel in control but get the little bit of help they need. This way they are able to continue to eat their favorite meals. Most of us do not like to clean up the kitchen, even when we do not have concerns from preventing us from doing so. For those that have health concerns or mobility limitations, it is even harder. Home care services can help clean up the kitchen after meal preparation so that everyone can feel confident it is cleaned properly and there is no leftover mess.